QuoteMe's value added services are very low cost so we use a system of credits. You can buy credits in different size packs.

Action Credits
Email alert of new customer request Free
SMS alert of a new customer request 2 Credits
Email response to a customer request 1 Credit
Email and SMS response to a customer request  2 Credits
Access customer's phone number to contact them directly 4 Credits


The following credit packs are available for purchase once you are logged in as a supplier

Credit Pack Cost
100 Credits TTD 25
250 Credits TTD 60
500 Credits TTD 110
1000 Credits TTD 200


Optional SMS alerts of new customer requests are a setting in the suppliers profile, and once enabled the credit charge will be incured everytime the supplier receives an SMS alert of a new customer request. The setting can be disabled at any time, and the supplier will still continue to receive alerts via email.

All other actions that incur credit usage is clearly labled on the action button, as iluststrated below